Custom Scene | Bundle Edition • 70% Off
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6 Editions • 27 Pre-made Scenes • 150 Items

Bundle Edition

70% Off

Buy Bundle Edition for $107 $29

Big Bundle

6 Editions Included

From the best editions available on Custom Scene, all together in one pack.

Exclusively in this Bundle

27 Pre-made scenes

Speed up your creation process with these pre-made scenes. From this starting point you’ll be able to add or delete an item from the scene. Add your touch and you’re ready to go!

150+ Items

To make your creations more unique Custom Scene comes with lots of isolated objects. Each object is without background and dynamic shadows. Some objects are editable in color (c) and content (+).

$20 Store Credit

To make it even more unique, when you buy this bundle you’ll get $20 Store Credit. That will allow you to buy items that are exclusive to, never sold in an Edition.

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Great Features

Custom Scene is packed full of features to help you to reach the best quality for each of your creations.

Editable Content

Photoshop Feature

Items indicated with a (+) symbol will have a smart-object allowing you to add or edit your own content.

Editable Color

Photoshop Feature

Items indicated with a (C) symbol will allow you to edit the color from Photoshop color picker.

Dynamic Shadow

Photoshop Feature

Every object in your scene has its own unique shadow which will change its direction depending upon the object’s rotation. You can also easily change the direction of the light across the entire scene all at once with global light from Photoshop.

High & Standard Resolution

Each item is carefully photographed at the highest resolution (300 DPI). For better results, all items comes in two resolutions: High and Standard. High resolution is better for print or high defined content. Standard resolution is at 72 DPI, perfect for web design, small designs, etc.

Simple to use

Works with

Your favorite apps


PS Elements

Affinity Designer