Made with Custom Scene – Angelene Ke

When we set out to create a new edition here at Custom Scene, what really gets us excited is the thought of how our Custom Sceners are going to put it to use.

Although we try to imagine the different applications and scenes our lovely customers may create, nothing beats seeing it in real life! To create a resource that can fuel someone else’s creative process, is really what it’s all about. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to browse through the many scenes that have been produced, and so as a small way of expressing our appreciation and to say thank you, we wanted to begin sharing some of our favourite uses of Custom Scene.

We wanted to kick off this series, by showcasing the work of Angelene Ke, a Graphic Designer in Auckland, New Zealand.


Angelene had designed a flyer for a beach side event with live entertainment. We loved the way that Angelene featured water colors in her design, and then reflected the element of water colors into her Custom Scene that she then created around her design. Angelene was able to customise the colors of the isolated objects to compliment the graphics, and really making them pop by contrasting them with the green and pink. This example really demonstrates that when your work is properly presented, your design is both enhanced and adorned.


All of the objects that were featured in the post are included in the Artist Edition Vol. 1, along with many more.


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