Welcome to Customscene.co

It was time for Custom Scene to have it’s own dedicated website. A lot of you asked me for tutorials, discounts, bundles and more. Without a place to share these things, it was impossible to do so.


I really want to help people use Custom Scene to it’s maximum potential for your personal and commercial projects. I will try to cover basic tutorials on how to build a quick scene, to more advanced tutorials on how to take your Scene to the next level. I’m really looking forward to share more tips with you guys!

Discounts & Bundles

From now on, on this blog, twitter or facebook I will share special discounts. Soon I will also share special discounts for when you’re buying more than 1 Custom Scene. Bundles will also be available!

…and more!

I would love to share some work in progress of some scenes, behind the scene pictures, quick tips and having fun!

It’s not quite finished yet, there’s still a lot to do. So if you want to be the first to know when all of this is ready, check Custom Scene on facebook or twitter or register.

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